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My neighbour cheated about his spouse?


Ok , before Christmas my neighbour cheated about his spouse with all the Secretary at their function. She caught him virtually with his trousers down …anyways, she told him to receive from their home plus today they are getting a breakup. My friend ( the 1 which got cheated on) has moved about plus has a certainly good boyfriend. Last evening my spouse mentioned which he met the past neighbours girlfriend ( the man whom cheated ) I mentioned what he doesn’t need to be happy considering he had been a skeezy s.o.b …am I right inside my thinking or technique off?. My spouse mentioned it’s true which he became a compleate moron yet its not fair to state he shouldn’t be happy …lets only state I don’t agree.
I don’t think which regarding everyone …I only think which regarding him.

Answer by from HJ
The man is a sleaze– I wouldn’t wish To hang out with him….

Answer by ♦ B. Trayed ♦
Well I don’t condone cheating however,, heck no he shouldn’t be happy!
Should you will leave the spouse, leave the spouse. Don’t create it worse by cheating.

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  • Kobe · February 18, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    HAS YOUR SPOUSE EVER CHEATED ON YOU? How did you find out and what did you do about it? * honest answers only- no rude ones – please.

  • Christopher J · March 12, 2014 at 11:40 am

    I am 43 years old and have been at home with our children for many years now and we still have a 7 year old. My spouse is cheating and although I know I shouldn’t put up with it, I don’t feel as though I have any option, financially speaking. The only thing I can think to do is secretly save money and keep the status quo until our daughter is gone and then split at that point so that I only have to support myself. I have few, if any, marketable skills and my spouse works too much and unpredictably for most jobs I can think of for myself. Any thoughts on my options or am I as screwed as I believe?

  • Jason · March 18, 2014 at 11:06 am

    i been dating this older guy who i love so much but lately he has been using me as a trophy and wants me to wear tight clothes in public so other men can look at me and he puts his work first and hardly supports me with my job and always cancels our dates so he can hang out with the guys so should i have a affair with a man that will truly appreciate me for a change?

  • forahobby · April 6, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    If your spouse cheats would you like someone to tell you?

  • che-che · April 9, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    As I stated in an earlier question, I’m an 18 year old who believes my 35-40ish neighbor is hitting on me (and if not outright hitting on, then at least physically attracted and flirting). I’ve known him since my mom and I moved in here when I was 12. However, he’s married. Call me naive, but judging from what the married people I know say (i don’t know that many either, so I’m probably very misinformed), people very rarely cheat on their spouses. This leads me to think that even if my neighbor was attracted to me, and even if I fueled it by flirting with him (which I most definitely would NOT- I have a boyfriend and I wouldn’t cause waves with that, my neighbor’s wife, my pride, or neighborly relations), he would not actually act upon it because people rarely ACTUALLY cheat on their spouses. He and his wife seem to have a pretty good relationship. I believe he would probably be less inclined to do so because I’m only 18, and maybe I’m just being paranoid. I used to have a bit of a crush on him when I was younger, and still do a bit, but like I said I’m obviously smart enough not to show that (especially since I’m in a stable relationship) Please no rude answers, I really am curious about if people actually do cheat, or if they just think about it and don’t act on it. Any feedback on the situation would be appreciated. Thank you! [:
    I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be dumb, I just honestly don’t know the answer. Everyone in my family is either already divorced, or have been married for like, a million years, so I can’t look to them to see if it’s true or not…

  • Clayton Cottrell · April 11, 2014 at 6:59 am

    My wife lost a lot of weight and was getting more attentionfrom men. Back in May she met some guy and started talking to him on her cell phone ALL the tile.. try over 3000 minutes in June! She kept denying things but over the last few months I found out that: 1 . He lives fairly close, 2. He is a friend of the nextdoor neighbor, 3. She originnally said she was only talking to him however I found out she was meeting him, 4 At first she said shenever kissed him but she finnally told me she kissed him many times. She says ahe hasn’t had sex with theguy but with her record of deception I’m sure I find out eventually that they did. Part of me just wants to cheat on her too and another part says divorce her and move on.
    I went to a counselor. She refuses to see one.
    Been married 12 years. 2 kids. We discussed open marriage but Decided we shopuld try to work it out, or so I thought. She still talks to this guy.

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